Friday, December 4, 2009

Wedding Venues in India

Weddings are a collection of sweet memories and since it’s believed as it’s a match made in Heaven, so it has to be the biggest affair of lifetime. Indian weddings involve a series of traditional rituals and customs, a meeting of family and friends filled with fun, happiness and entertainment till the last ritual ends. It is a long event which starts from days ahead of the wedding day. Though the basic wedding rituals remain the same, chances are, there might be a small difference here and there, indicating from where the bride and groom originates and this can be very well seen on the different types of cuisines served on the weddings. In short, weddings in India are all about vibrant colors, lip smacking cuisines and a long list of wedding customs, which comes along with the package of entertainment.

If you are dreaming about taking vows in the backdrop of some gorgeous palace, then Rajasthan has a lot to offer you. This city of marvelously structured forts and palaces acts as the supreme venue for the exotic royal weddings, giving you and your would be life partner a royal feeling of earlier days’ princes and princesses. Weddings are a collection of sweet memories and since it’s believed as it’s a match made in Heaven, so it has to be taken in the “back waters” of Kerala are considered to be as the witness of this holy matrimonial union of two individuals. Or how about exchanging your wedding vows in the exotic beaches of Goa and Andaman? These beach wedding venues are the most normally favored location for anyone who loves the aquatic blue waters, golden sand and the sun and due to this reason, couples from far-flung places come to these breath taking beaches to get into the holy union of marriage, bringing two individuals as one. The wedding attires of beach weddings are simple yet full of sophistication and elegance as compared to the weddings taking place on other venues like the palace wedding which characterizes lots of traditional decorations.

No matter wherever the wedding venues going to be, what matters most is, your wedding should be a dream wedding of lifetime, dropping down jaws and leaving everyone fully struck with its beauty and charm!


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