Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Indian Weddings - The Charm of India

India is a land of many mysteries. From the Mahabharata to the present day generation, India has many tell tale stories. And Indian weddings are one such ceremony which has its own side of story; however legend says that weddings took place mainly for the security of the Indian women from the foreign invaders and of course the other reason was to seek for a life time companion and a protector. The true picture of India can be very well analyzed from the kind of different weddings filled with different colors and emotions of the Indian people. Weddings are grand affairs in India. Weddings in India are not seen as a small gathering with just a handful of some family members as its witnesses. In fact, Indian weddings are a gigantic affair filled with immense colorful events and a long list of traditions which goes on for days.

Weddings in india is seen as the biggest timely occasion in one’s life and for the family at the same time. So everything has to be put in the right order and the timing has to be perfect. wedding invitations are one such vital consideration for all the would be brides and grooms since it’s the first thing which catches the guests’ eyes. All the details like the venue, date, time, etc is mentioned on the invitation card and it comes in a variety of options, which we will help you to choose from and sometimes can even customising it.

Weddings are meant to be extremely sophisticated and elegant and it’s a reflection of our rich cultural and ethnic traditions. Nowadays Indian wedding decorations are theme based however, the mandap is adorned with red color cloth as red is the promising color for the wedding occasions. Flowers on the other hand at all times have played a crucial part in Indian wedding decorations. So, different kinds of flowers like roses, jasmine, and many more are vastly used in Indian weddings. Patterns of tents like bandhani print, Gujarati work and ethnic mirror work and satin cloth depending on the budget and theme of the wedding are extensively in demand. And when it comes to colors, Gold and red are the colors associated with Indian wedding decoration so most of the Decor is of these two colors.


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