Saturday, December 5, 2009

Different types of Parties

A party is a get together of persons, who has been invited by the host for the purpose of socializing, interacting and above all, to have a relax time for the guests. Party means to refresh yourself, your friends and family members and to give them pleasure and to release them from all worries and pressures of day to day lives. In short, it gives you the time to rejuvenate yourself. Apart from that, parties often speak about the personality of the hosts and the hostesses. Parties can be various like birthday party, anniversary party, bachelor party, office party, Farewell party, new year party and corporate party.

Anniversary Party: Anniversaries are occasions which need extraordinary attention since it is not only about celebrating the memories of your wedding day, but at the same time it is the celebration of the moments of your constant commitment and love for each other. You can host the party at home or at a banquet and when it comes to gifts, there are lots of presents that you can gift to your better half on this day, to mark your achievement, as there are explicit conventional and modern gifts connected with this great day.

Birthday party: Birthdays are meant to be big because this is your day and you have full liberty to do whatever pleases you. Apart from that, each birthday makes you matured, thereby gaining more wisdom and knowledge every passing year. It’s a day which is celebrated with family, friends and relatives. Some individuals prefer a grand birthday party however; at the same time there are others, who like it to be a small gathering of close family and friends. As birthdays are very special, one needs lots of planning and organizing to.

Theme party: In theme parties, the host or the hostess decides a theme and according to that, the preparations are made and even the guests are asked to dress accordingly to the theme. For instance, if the theme is “jungle”, then the guests are seen adorned with different costumes of animals, even the decorations are carefully done keeping in mind about the jungle theme.

Pool party: A pool party is a party that centers around the pool. Pool party sounds cool and different from the rest. As the name suggests, pool parties involve lots of water activities like swimming, water volley ball and sun bathing for others who are not a big fan of water sports.

Farewell party: According to traditions, farewell parties are given by those persons who are leaving on a long voyage. This party can also be organized by a friend on behalf of the person who is departing. Precisely, farewell parties are sort of saying “goodbyes” to all those who has been dear to the leaving person.


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