Thursday, November 26, 2009

Imagination is the key to film production

An imaginative and artistic bend of mind is what is required for film production to run it productively. Creativity is yet another ingredient in film production. Ideas keep brewing every now and then on individual before the establishment of anything. The initial step to producing films begin with true imagination, thereby developing and encouraging the same thoughts until the whole result comes out to be mind blowing and extra-ordinary. Imagination begins, and then the whole idea of putting that imagination to a film or a movie with every bit of it comes to reality.

Now a days, producing films are no “rocket science”. Technologies have made a great advancement and with the help and use of latest technologies, one can make and try a hand out in making movies. We often think that film production means involving a lot of expenses however, that’s not true, as film can be produced, using least expenses and resources. Gadgets like the usual video cameras or the sound recording systems can be used to produce films which are affordable at the same time easily accessible.

For those lovers of film, who are keen to produce a movie, this is absolutely the right time to make things happen and make all your fantasies come true. All one needs is an inspiring and an innovative story and after that where ever you want to see yourself in that field, you will definitely find yourself exactly in that place! All what you need is to take care of all those imaginations and nurture it till it comes out as powerful enough to motivate you to produce it to a brilliant movie!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Role of Event Planner in planning a successful event

Event planners are the most efficient people who will assist you in making arrangements for all your events in the most perfect way without making no mistakes and thus conforming its victory. Event planners are individuals who are brewing with new ideas every now and then and help you organize the perfect event you have been thinking of. They take care of every minute details like budgeting, conforming dates, choosing and booking event sites or locations, parking and transportation, decorations, finalizing the matching tables and chairs, tents, security, perfect catering service, emergency plans and many more. In fact, event planners are those persons who will arrange everything for you exactly the way you want things to be. An event planner should be someone who has experience, skillfully trained and should efficient enough to work under all the pressures. Their career includes a great deal of communication and organizational skills as communication gap between the event coordinator and the client will lead to chaos, leaving a bad impression on its client.

The event planner works under stressful environment with strict deadlines to meet. It’s them who in spite of taking care of each and every minute details will have to get in touch with a lot of people at a single point of time hence making more hectic for them. Their working hours can be extensively long. For instance, the day the event is taking place, event planners day could begin in the early hours at 5:00 a.m. continuing till midnight and their busy schedule sometimes demands working on weekends as well, which is the time when most events take place.

Even if it’s for a wedding or a company event or birthday celebration or festival, graduation or convocation or for that matter any event, detailed planning is required. From these, the event planner will have to select guest list, entertainment, venue and content. Venues for an event can vary from restaurants or hotels to swimming pools to lawns, depending on what type of event it is and when the location is finalized, the coordinator/planner needs to set up and organize the event with the staffs, prepare for the entertainment, and will have to speak with the client for the final approval. Once these things are taken care of, the event planner has to look into all the minor details like food, drinks, music, advertising, marketing, decorations in order for the event to run smoothly. Therefore, time management is an essential factor for an event planner to run a particular event successfully so that the length of preparation required for each event is well balanced!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traditional Indian weddings

Traditional Indian WeddingsIndia is a combination of many different ethnic groups, following their own cultures, customs and traditions and this is one of the reasons why India is known as a ‘diverse nation’ and the reflection of the same can be seen on the vibrant and the multi colors associated with the Indian wedding ceremonies. Wedding is one of the oldest rituals followed and passed on by mankind from one generation to the next and there is no doubt that Indian culture is no exception in this. In fact, Indian culture and tradition are considered as one of the oldest and Indian weddings as one of the age- old events.

Weddings in the lives of the Indians are considered as sacred and holy. It’s an event which after completion of a number of detailed ceremonies unites two different individuals as one, acting as the bridge between the bride and groom and their family’s as well, creating a strong bond. Whether it’s a Hindu, Christian, Muslim or Punjabi wedding, India gives you a quick glance to a mixture of everything. Precisely, traditional Indian wedding is a combination of different shades of exciting colors exactly like that in the case of ‘rainbow’. Be the weddings in northern style like those of the Sikhs, the Buddhists or in the southern, eastern or the western style, whatever it may be, it will definitely win all hearts. In the Indian context, wedding is a connection, binding two persons not only in this present life but this holy union continues even after death, including the next seven rebirths of one’s life!

History and origin of Indian weddings:
In the ancient times in India, especially in Hindu weddings, polygamy and polyandry which are considered as illegal these days were practiced for political and social reasons and falling in love before marriage was thought to be as committing a sin. In the ancient period, Swayamwaras were arranged by the kings for their daughters, wherein princesses get to make a selection and the men on the other hand would have to prove themselves worthy of the princesses. It can be traced from the Vedas that individuals were considered matured when they attained puberty after which they were considered ready for marriage. While for others marriage took place mostly in their childhood primarily with the intention of protecting them from the foreign invaders. In fact, it became obligatory for each and every girl to step into the bond of wedding.

Though India is a ‘pot pouri’ of different cultural backgrounds but in some way or the other the wedding rituals are quite similar to one another with just some slight differences reflecting their customs and traditions, though the basic rituals remaining the same!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Process of Event Planning

Event Planner's principal aim is to offer the consumers and event-planning professionals with the most priceless and complete source of event planning information. Event planning is the process of planning a personal or corporate event, festival, ceremonies, annual day functions, weddings or any other event. Apart from all this it also includes budgeting, establishing dates and alternate dates, selecting and reserving the event site, acquiring permits, and coordinating transportation and parking, developing a theme or motif for the event, arranging for speakers and alternate speakers, coordinating location support , catering services, decoration management services, event support and security.

Event planners will be able to plan a major conference event for thousands, an intimate house party, a wedding, or a non-profit gala anywhere in the nation! The format of their directory permits companies to add useful contact information, via phone or e-mail, and develop linked home pages which can include colorful artwork, creative graphics, striking photographs and, soon, moving images. The influence of technology employed by the Event Planners is incomparable in its ability to provide thorough event planning information which either a magazine ad can’t do this? Of course not!. Any event of any size ranging from a major corporate convention to a grandiose wedding to a jubilant family reunion to a cozy dinner party can be easily organized in over 50 cities from anywhere in the nation. This business of event planning is growing at a fast rate.

This career deals with a lot of communication and organization aspects, therefore, training must be completely provided for the event planners so that when the time comes they will be ready to handle all the workloads and pressures involved in it. An event planner is known by different names such as a conference coordinator, a convention planner, a special event coordinator, and a meeting manager.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Procedures that needs to plan an event

Before planning an event, the event planner should always make a blueprint of the event to be hosted keeping in mind about the customers requirements. The event planner should first determine the purpose of the event , tha exactly for what it is means it for a wedding, any company celebrations, birthday party, for festival, annual day function or any such events which needs extensive planning.

By having the purpose of the event the event planner will make all the arrangements regarding entertainment, location or venue, guests list will be made, speakers for the event, and content.. Once the location of the event is set the event planner will need to prepare the event with its staff, will set up the entertainment, and keep contact with the client. After all this is done, event planner needs to check like set up of the event, food, drinks, selection of music, guest list, budget, advertising and marketing, decorations, etc.

Infact, these are what is needed for an event to be successful. The other requisite that an event planner should possess is to manage the time intelligently in the given time frame.
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