Thursday, December 31, 2009

Indian Wedding Games

Earlier marriages were a union made by the parents. Till the day of their wedding, the would be bride and groom were total strangers to each other and were strictly prohibited from meeting each other. But as time passed on Indian weddings slowly got associated with wedding games in order to break-the-ice between the newly weds and most importantly between the bride and her new family members and its fortunate that these days love marriages are given full consent by the parents which makes the job of the couples less complicated as in this case they only make efforts to make an impression upon the groom’s family members however in spite of all these reformations, wedding games are given equal importance because they are the prime source of entertainment and at the same time keeps the bride and the groom refreshed throughout the number of ceremonies taking place.

Games in Indian Weddings are played to make the bride and the groom comfortable and open to each other in the case of an arranged marriage while on the other hand usually games are part to make the new bride feel at ease with her new family members. These sorts of games in the Indian Weddings bring in happiness, enjoyment and the true spirit of merriment along with little mockery and joking which is an integrated part of these games. Hence, this way the newly weds' get closer to each other and on the other hand, families also take pleasure in the moments and group jointly to wish them a brilliant upcoming ahead.

Types of Indian Wedding Games:

  • Wedding Shoes: This game is usually played between the groom and the would- be- sister in laws of the bride. In short, it’s like a hide and seek game. As soon as the bride and groom are asked to remove their shoes for the matrimonial rituals, the next moment the groom’s shoes are gone and this favorable moment is grabbed by the bridesmaids by confiscating the shoes of the groom and hiding them till that moment until the negotiations are done according to their wishes and then only the shoes are returned. With this game of hide and seek, both the family come together, tease and pack in a lovable recollection for life. Primarily, hiding shoes was mainly practiced in the northern part of India but these days it is welcomed by people from other regions and has because a part of their weddings as well.
  • Fish the ring: In this game a big bowl of milk covered with the rose petals is placed in the middle and then the newly weds are instructed to put their wedding rings inside the bowl and once its done, anyone from the family members are asked to give a nice swirl. After that the bride and the groom are asked to fish out the rings and whoever fishes the ring first says, according to the traditions, will hold the reins of their married life.
  • Pillow Game: It is a game filled with lots of fun for the newly weds and more entertaining for the family members and the guests. In this game, the couple is asked to sit with their backs facing each other and a pillow is placed between their shoulders. After that they are asked a number of simple questions of which they will have to answer only by nodding their heads and they are rated according to the scores they achieve. Pillow game is usually played to see how much compatible the couples are!


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