Thursday, December 31, 2009

Popular Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach Wedding ideasThe clearly made beach wedding ideas and the celebration details often leads to the path of fulfilling ones desire for an awesome wedding. The drop down beauty of the sea creates an amazing background for a fully contented and satisfying wedding. With the right way of organizing the beach wedding, one can always end this grand occasion with élan!! You can have different beach wedding ideas here.

Color Choice Beach Weddings: The color combination is one of the most important things in a beach wedding and one should always make up mind for a official wedding color or stick to the theme. It is the right selection of colors which instantly catches the eye of the. In a way it can be said that colors make the first impression on the guests. Official colors for beach weddings are lilac, pink, aqua green, ocean blue and such other colors matching with the sea are becoming hot favorites. Besides the bride’s and the groom’s trousseau other things like the flowers, cake, candles and other decorations will always be a good option to team up with.

Beach Weddings: Since beach weddings mostly take place during the daytime and that times the scorching heat of the sun makes beach weddings pretty uncomfortable so to make it at ease, you can use some big colorful hats and sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, beach umbrellas and not to forget the complimentary special welcome drink and these items will not only act as the protector from the heat but at the same time it will be fashionable and trendy.

Beach Weddings: By the time the sun is slowly setting and taking the vows are over, the guests most of the time are left with little energy for the reception in the evening so that time a barbeque party is required to rejuvenate and to make everyone chilled out.

Beach Weddings: These days underwater beach weddings are very famous. So, if you want some more fun, adventure in your wedding and want to make it more memorable one then you can think about under water beach wedding as well.

Indian Wedding Games

Earlier marriages were a union made by the parents. Till the day of their wedding, the would be bride and groom were total strangers to each other and were strictly prohibited from meeting each other. But as time passed on Indian weddings slowly got associated with wedding games in order to break-the-ice between the newly weds and most importantly between the bride and her new family members and its fortunate that these days love marriages are given full consent by the parents which makes the job of the couples less complicated as in this case they only make efforts to make an impression upon the groom’s family members however in spite of all these reformations, wedding games are given equal importance because they are the prime source of entertainment and at the same time keeps the bride and the groom refreshed throughout the number of ceremonies taking place.

Games in Indian Weddings are played to make the bride and the groom comfortable and open to each other in the case of an arranged marriage while on the other hand usually games are part to make the new bride feel at ease with her new family members. These sorts of games in the Indian Weddings bring in happiness, enjoyment and the true spirit of merriment along with little mockery and joking which is an integrated part of these games. Hence, this way the newly weds' get closer to each other and on the other hand, families also take pleasure in the moments and group jointly to wish them a brilliant upcoming ahead.

Types of Indian Wedding Games:

  • Wedding Shoes: This game is usually played between the groom and the would- be- sister in laws of the bride. In short, it’s like a hide and seek game. As soon as the bride and groom are asked to remove their shoes for the matrimonial rituals, the next moment the groom’s shoes are gone and this favorable moment is grabbed by the bridesmaids by confiscating the shoes of the groom and hiding them till that moment until the negotiations are done according to their wishes and then only the shoes are returned. With this game of hide and seek, both the family come together, tease and pack in a lovable recollection for life. Primarily, hiding shoes was mainly practiced in the northern part of India but these days it is welcomed by people from other regions and has because a part of their weddings as well.
  • Fish the ring: In this game a big bowl of milk covered with the rose petals is placed in the middle and then the newly weds are instructed to put their wedding rings inside the bowl and once its done, anyone from the family members are asked to give a nice swirl. After that the bride and the groom are asked to fish out the rings and whoever fishes the ring first says, according to the traditions, will hold the reins of their married life.
  • Pillow Game: It is a game filled with lots of fun for the newly weds and more entertaining for the family members and the guests. In this game, the couple is asked to sit with their backs facing each other and a pillow is placed between their shoulders. After that they are asked a number of simple questions of which they will have to answer only by nodding their heads and they are rated according to the scores they achieve. Pillow game is usually played to see how much compatible the couples are!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wedding Photography

Weddings in India are as colorful as the Indian traditions and cultures with a mixture of emotions, different functions and a number of different rituals. So, in order to capture these wonderful and vibrant moments of our lives, wedding photographs are taken as a sign of being intact with our precious moments in life. The aim is to tell our exclusive wedding story through the photographs with the perfect combination of beautiful portraits of the newly weds, their families and their guests. Wedding photography helps us in capturing the actual, unscripted moments in a click! Moreover, whenever we see these pictures, it will instantly bring back those remarkable times of our lives, reliving those moments, over and over again!

The most common mistake made by the couples is opting for a family member to photograph their wedding pictures instead of a professional photographer, in that case pictures get blurry and unprofessional. The professional wedding photographers with their technical skills and experience add good flavor to your big day.

Weddings are the occasion of a lifetime and this is the time when all your loved ones come to know about your love and commitment to someone special and therefore, witness it publicly in the midst of all the beauty and cautiously designed ceremony. Everything, from your wedding trousseau to your wedding decorations to your guests deserve special attention and one such way to keep them special and cherished forever and relive the same moment from time to time is by videografing your wedding! Professional photographers make everything memorable by capturing all those candid moments in a perfect and exclusively way which you have always dreamed of and that too within your budget!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Indian Weddings - The Charm of India

India is a land of many mysteries. From the Mahabharata to the present day generation, India has many tell tale stories. And Indian weddings are one such ceremony which has its own side of story; however legend says that weddings took place mainly for the security of the Indian women from the foreign invaders and of course the other reason was to seek for a life time companion and a protector. The true picture of India can be very well analyzed from the kind of different weddings filled with different colors and emotions of the Indian people. Weddings are grand affairs in India. Weddings in India are not seen as a small gathering with just a handful of some family members as its witnesses. In fact, Indian weddings are a gigantic affair filled with immense colorful events and a long list of traditions which goes on for days.

Weddings in india is seen as the biggest timely occasion in one’s life and for the family at the same time. So everything has to be put in the right order and the timing has to be perfect. wedding invitations are one such vital consideration for all the would be brides and grooms since it’s the first thing which catches the guests’ eyes. All the details like the venue, date, time, etc is mentioned on the invitation card and it comes in a variety of options, which we will help you to choose from and sometimes can even customising it.

Weddings are meant to be extremely sophisticated and elegant and it’s a reflection of our rich cultural and ethnic traditions. Nowadays Indian wedding decorations are theme based however, the mandap is adorned with red color cloth as red is the promising color for the wedding occasions. Flowers on the other hand at all times have played a crucial part in Indian wedding decorations. So, different kinds of flowers like roses, jasmine, and many more are vastly used in Indian weddings. Patterns of tents like bandhani print, Gujarati work and ethnic mirror work and satin cloth depending on the budget and theme of the wedding are extensively in demand. And when it comes to colors, Gold and red are the colors associated with Indian wedding decoration so most of the Decor is of these two colors.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Royal weddings: A Memorable Affair

For those couples, who think of a majesty and spectacular partying, Royal weddings are one of the greatest options lined up for them. India known for its prosperous cultural legacy and mixed civilization is the heart for royal weddings. Precisely, India is known as “the venue” for hosting royal weddings with people coming from all around the regions and Rajasthan hosts majority of the royal weddings when it comes to India. Rajasthan is popular for its years old palaces and forts. Besides India, one cannot find such great locations for hosting royal weddings.

India is an amalgamation of many traditions and cultures and this is what makes the Indian wedding ceremonies grab everybody’s attention! Some of the most wanted royal wedding destinations in India are Jaipur, Udaipur, Mandawa, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Alwar and Bikaner. Jaipur, the “pink city” is famous for palaces like The Oberoi Rajvillas, Ram Bag Palace, and City palace while Jagmandir Island Palace, Zenana Mahal, Deogarh Mahal; Devigarh palace tops the list in Udaipur.

Mandawa Havelli in Mandawa is admired for its stunning palaces and notable havellis. Mehrangarh fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Taj Mahal Hari in Jodhpur offers exotic gardens for a perfect royal wedding, although architectural structures of Jaisalmer like Narayan Niwas Palace and Jawahar Niwas Palace are another options for those who are in favor of rugged and rural craftsmanship. Nimrana fort palace and Lalgarh palace are well known in Alwar and Bikaner respectively.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding Themes

Theme weddings, these days have become tremendously popular since theme based are interesting and above all it gives a sense of uniqueness. Weddings with theme are a great option to give you a breath of fresh air, from the normal wedding rituals which have become sort of boring these days. In fact, theme weddings add more glamor and excitement to your big day, making it totally exclusive and one of its kinds. A well planned theme wedding can be afforded by any couple as there are lots of alternatives depending on the budget and the number of guests being invited. However, the decision making is fully upon the bride and groom. According to their tastes and common interests, the theme can be decided but one should be clear in mind about what they actually want.

Celestial Wedding Theme: It is natural for every couple to wish for a exceptional wedding since it is a life time affair. In celestial wedding theme, the couple gets the lovely experience of exchanging the marriage vows in the presence of the heavenly bodies. Celestial bodies accompanied by nature will just create an ideal atmosphere for a dream wedding. This theme will definitely make the couple and their guests feel different, a change that is worth witnessing.

Romantic Wedding Theme: This wedding theme is all about romance in the air. Soft colors, candles, laces, dim lights, frills, etc are things closely associated with this theme. Romeo and Julies can be an ideal option for any romantic wedding. A wedding theme filled with romance will make everyones’ day a remarkable one, leaving a beautiful memory in their hearts.

Christmas Wedding Theme: What can be more appealing than Christmas wedding theme if you are planning for a winter wedding? Normally, the colors of Christmas are red and green however, you can always have the liberty to experiment with different colors and such colors can be maroon, burgundy, blue, silver, gold and other combinations which you think will enhance the beauty of the snow filled environment.

Black & White Wedding Theme
: A conventional black and white wedding theme can never go wrong. This theme for years have been making a huge impression upon couples as these colors are all about sophistication and elegance and one can always be on the safer side by choosing this theme. However, if one wants to add some colors then one can throw some splash of colors in the décor or in the flower arrangements.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Different types of Parties

A party is a get together of persons, who has been invited by the host for the purpose of socializing, interacting and above all, to have a relax time for the guests. Party means to refresh yourself, your friends and family members and to give them pleasure and to release them from all worries and pressures of day to day lives. In short, it gives you the time to rejuvenate yourself. Apart from that, parties often speak about the personality of the hosts and the hostesses. Parties can be various like birthday party, anniversary party, bachelor party, office party, Farewell party, new year party and corporate party.

Anniversary Party: Anniversaries are occasions which need extraordinary attention since it is not only about celebrating the memories of your wedding day, but at the same time it is the celebration of the moments of your constant commitment and love for each other. You can host the party at home or at a banquet and when it comes to gifts, there are lots of presents that you can gift to your better half on this day, to mark your achievement, as there are explicit conventional and modern gifts connected with this great day.

Birthday party: Birthdays are meant to be big because this is your day and you have full liberty to do whatever pleases you. Apart from that, each birthday makes you matured, thereby gaining more wisdom and knowledge every passing year. It’s a day which is celebrated with family, friends and relatives. Some individuals prefer a grand birthday party however; at the same time there are others, who like it to be a small gathering of close family and friends. As birthdays are very special, one needs lots of planning and organizing to.

Theme party: In theme parties, the host or the hostess decides a theme and according to that, the preparations are made and even the guests are asked to dress accordingly to the theme. For instance, if the theme is “jungle”, then the guests are seen adorned with different costumes of animals, even the decorations are carefully done keeping in mind about the jungle theme.

Pool party: A pool party is a party that centers around the pool. Pool party sounds cool and different from the rest. As the name suggests, pool parties involve lots of water activities like swimming, water volley ball and sun bathing for others who are not a big fan of water sports.

Farewell party: According to traditions, farewell parties are given by those persons who are leaving on a long voyage. This party can also be organized by a friend on behalf of the person who is departing. Precisely, farewell parties are sort of saying “goodbyes” to all those who has been dear to the leaving person.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wedding Venues in India

Weddings are a collection of sweet memories and since it’s believed as it’s a match made in Heaven, so it has to be the biggest affair of lifetime. Indian weddings involve a series of traditional rituals and customs, a meeting of family and friends filled with fun, happiness and entertainment till the last ritual ends. It is a long event which starts from days ahead of the wedding day. Though the basic wedding rituals remain the same, chances are, there might be a small difference here and there, indicating from where the bride and groom originates and this can be very well seen on the different types of cuisines served on the weddings. In short, weddings in India are all about vibrant colors, lip smacking cuisines and a long list of wedding customs, which comes along with the package of entertainment.

If you are dreaming about taking vows in the backdrop of some gorgeous palace, then Rajasthan has a lot to offer you. This city of marvelously structured forts and palaces acts as the supreme venue for the exotic royal weddings, giving you and your would be life partner a royal feeling of earlier days’ princes and princesses. Weddings are a collection of sweet memories and since it’s believed as it’s a match made in Heaven, so it has to be taken in the “back waters” of Kerala are considered to be as the witness of this holy matrimonial union of two individuals. Or how about exchanging your wedding vows in the exotic beaches of Goa and Andaman? These beach wedding venues are the most normally favored location for anyone who loves the aquatic blue waters, golden sand and the sun and due to this reason, couples from far-flung places come to these breath taking beaches to get into the holy union of marriage, bringing two individuals as one. The wedding attires of beach weddings are simple yet full of sophistication and elegance as compared to the weddings taking place on other venues like the palace wedding which characterizes lots of traditional decorations.

No matter wherever the wedding venues going to be, what matters most is, your wedding should be a dream wedding of lifetime, dropping down jaws and leaving everyone fully struck with its beauty and charm!
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