Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding Themes

Theme weddings, these days have become tremendously popular since theme based are interesting and above all it gives a sense of uniqueness. Weddings with theme are a great option to give you a breath of fresh air, from the normal wedding rituals which have become sort of boring these days. In fact, theme weddings add more glamor and excitement to your big day, making it totally exclusive and one of its kinds. A well planned theme wedding can be afforded by any couple as there are lots of alternatives depending on the budget and the number of guests being invited. However, the decision making is fully upon the bride and groom. According to their tastes and common interests, the theme can be decided but one should be clear in mind about what they actually want.

Celestial Wedding Theme: It is natural for every couple to wish for a exceptional wedding since it is a life time affair. In celestial wedding theme, the couple gets the lovely experience of exchanging the marriage vows in the presence of the heavenly bodies. Celestial bodies accompanied by nature will just create an ideal atmosphere for a dream wedding. This theme will definitely make the couple and their guests feel different, a change that is worth witnessing.

Romantic Wedding Theme: This wedding theme is all about romance in the air. Soft colors, candles, laces, dim lights, frills, etc are things closely associated with this theme. Romeo and Julies can be an ideal option for any romantic wedding. A wedding theme filled with romance will make everyones’ day a remarkable one, leaving a beautiful memory in their hearts.

Christmas Wedding Theme: What can be more appealing than Christmas wedding theme if you are planning for a winter wedding? Normally, the colors of Christmas are red and green however, you can always have the liberty to experiment with different colors and such colors can be maroon, burgundy, blue, silver, gold and other combinations which you think will enhance the beauty of the snow filled environment.

Black & White Wedding Theme
: A conventional black and white wedding theme can never go wrong. This theme for years have been making a huge impression upon couples as these colors are all about sophistication and elegance and one can always be on the safer side by choosing this theme. However, if one wants to add some colors then one can throw some splash of colors in the d├ęcor or in the flower arrangements.


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