Sunday, March 7, 2010

Main Wedding Ceremony: Varmala Ceremony

Vermala CeremonyThe main day ceremonies are usually conducted at the bride’s parent’s house but at the present age due to lack of space, majority of the wedding ceremonies are held at a place where all the guests can be easily accommodated comfortably and every single wedding ceremony could be arranged with ease and lots of entertainment. The main day wedding ceremonies are full of hardcore rituals which in no case or at any point of time can be taken lightly. According to the Indian traditions, wedding is a life long union of two individuals and a holy association, which brings a young man and a young woman to a stage of manhood and womanhood. The main wedding ceremony can be divided into mandap ceremony and var mala ceremony.
  • Varmala Ceremony: Var Mala is known as one of the most important wedding ceremonies of the main wedding day. During this ceremony bride and groom exchange flower garland.
  • Mandap Ceremony: Mandap is a place where the bride and the groom will be performing all the wedding ceremonies and rituals while the Indian priest, “pundit” reads the religious hymns at the backdrop. The mandap is decorated with vibrant colors which usually pray for their richness and well being of their married life, adorned with some exclusive flowers on the other hand. Surrounding the mandap are the four pillars representing both the bride and the groom’s parents. These pillars express the bride and the groom’s gratitude towards their parents for their well up-bringing and for making them the fine man and woman they are today. The most significant ceremonies performed around the mandap are the “saat phere” and the “kanyadan”. Saat phere signifies the seven circles taken by the bride and the groom around the holy fire, chanting holy mantras, making promises to each other. While on the other hand, kanyadan is yet another ritual of the main wedding, where the bride’s father or brother in front of all the family members and guests as witnesses, gives her hands to the groom with all her responsibilities coming forth!


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