Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wedding Ceremonies: Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding CeremoniesIndian weddings are an amalgamation of numerous rituals and traditions which are considered as sacred and holy. In spite of the fact that, India is a combination of many traditions and cultures, the wedding ceremonies somehow remain the same with just a slight reflection of their own culture and tradition. Since weddings in India are considered to be a gala affair, therefore, expenses are huge and “jaw- dropping”, however all these expenses are taken as an element of necessity as weddings for Indians are one of the biggest events in one’s lifetime. Moreover, these days Indian weddings as compared to those days have become extensively popular as many brides and grooms opt for a grand celebration mainly because they can afford it and who does not love to be “the talk of the town”? So, in order to leave everyone in amusement, you need a lot of planning and strategizing to-do. Indian weddings involve a lot of functions and for the successful running of all the wedding functions you need best preparations i.e. adding lots of fun and pleasure, making equally remarkable and unforgettable for the bride and groom, as well as for the guests. It is often said that in Indian traditions, the brides and grooms not only marry each other but in fact, its like marrying each other’s families as well. Indian weddings are an elongated affair and for this reason its ceremonies are mainly divided into pre wedding ceremonies, main wedding ceremonies and post wedding ceremonies.

The Indian wedding ceremonies and rituals may differ a little bit depending from where the bride and groom originates but the basic ceremonies remain the same and can be categorized into three: pre wedding ceremony, main wedding ceremony and post wedding ceremony.


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