Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Indian Wedding Baraat: Barat Welcome in India

Indian Wedding BaratIndian weddings are a holy union connecting two individuals, their families, exchanging years old cultures and traditions and adapting to the new environment. Usually, the wedding ceremony is a sequence of multicolored and bright events, continuing for a period of around 7days. Its seems to be fortunate for those who get to see or attend the functions of an Indian wedding as weddings in India are considered to be a delight to witness since there are many exhilarating and thrilling customs and traditions related to them. Regardless of the differences in their culture and tradition as people are from different religious background, Indian weddings are believed to be an occasion of great.

Baraat in an event entirely meant to welcome the groom and his family. It’s kind of an event wherein the groom and everyone from the groom’s side are given a special welcome with flowers, garlands and money showering in the cases of the rich and the wealthy. Hence, Barat is one of the coolest and most entertaining traditions in the whole wedding ritual, which is marked by a march starting from the groom’s residence accompanied by all the near and dear ones from the groom’s side, dancing away in full glory and the groom becoming the ‘hot wane babes of the day’. As the baraat reaches at the entrance of the wedding venue, they exchange greetings with the bride’s family known as ‘Milni’, followed by the groom’s ‘Aarti’ which is performed by the bride’s mother and after finishing all these small ceremonies the groom’s crowd go into the wedding site.


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