Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Functions: Indian Wedding Functions

Indian Wedding FunctionsEvery day has an importance in everybody’s life, but the most auspicious day of anybody’s life is the wedding day. A new feeling, a new life, a new family is going to begin. The last few days of bachelorhood are quite joyful.

The initial wedding function of the binding the two hearts is the roka ceremony. It is an official announcement of the marriage. As the date of the marriage comes closer the celebrations are increased. According to the hindu mythology, the marriage is the purest task of man on earth. Few days before the wedding day a sagan ceremony is organized. In this ceremony, the boy and girl exchange their token of love that is the ring. That ring is to placed in the ringfingure so as to keep the relation ever lasting. A day before the marriage is the mehndi ki raat. This day is considered as the most joyful night for the girl’s family and the boy,s family. The families celebrate this occasion with ladies sangeet.

Then comes the most wonderful day, means Wedding day. This day is considered as the most memorable day for the couple. According to the rituals two souls are made one, two knots are tied, in all a new relation is made that of a husband-wife. The next day of the marriage is considered as the reception. As the word reception itself defines the meaning. There is a get together of the family members, relatives, friends at the bridegroom place. Everybody gives blessing to the couple and a new bond is created between the two beings. Indian Weddings are meant to be the most happening marriages all over the world. Fun, frolic, emotions, sentiments, laughter, cry. In all, Indian weddings are considered as the mixture of endless emotions.


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