Friday, April 23, 2010

Udaipur Wedding: Wedding Palaces in Udaipur

Wedding Palaces in UdaipurUdaipur, well known for its lakes is also popular for its remarkable palaces and historic venues. This is a land of heritage palace hotels and historical venues for a memorable once-in-a-lifetime 'Royal Wedding'. It has royal palaces for a dreamy wedding where a traditional welcome and red carpet is laid out for you, your family and your wedding guests are treated as royal guests.

Some of the very famous Royal Wedding Palaces in Udaipur are:

  • Jagmandir Island Palace: Jagmandir was built by Maharana Karan Singh in 1622 as a pleasure palace for her royal parties. And today this magnificent palace serves as the perfect venue for a royal island wedding.
  • Zenana Mahal: For someone who dreams about candle-lit ceremonies, one can always opt for this royal palace. In fact, most of the royal candle-lit weddings in Udaipur are hosted here. Your guests get to enjoy the romantic ambience along with some delicious delicacies of Udaipur.
  • Deogarh Mahal: Deogarh Mahal is located in the district of Lalitpur, Rajasthan. It’s situated about 135 km to the north east of the gorgeous city of Udaipur. This Mahal was transformed into a royal wedding palace by Rawat Nahar Singh - theroyal wedding palace in udaipur present owner of the palace. Deogarh Mahal is characterized with lakes, greying battlements, domes, turrets, and huge gateways, this 17th century epitome of Mughal and Rajput architecture is now a heritage lovers’ paradise. The exquisite collection of miniature paintings of the royal family is another great attraction of the palace. Deogarh Mahal is a perfect place for Palace Wedding because it is situated atop on a beautiful hillock.
  • Devigarh palace: A palace wedding in Devigarh would just be a perfect idea. Come here and feel the sanctity and affluence of the royal wedding in Devigarh. DeviGarh Fort Palace is the only royal wedding venue in Devigarh nestled on the Aravalli hills at the Delwara village, one of three entrances to the romantic Udaipur valley.


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