Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trade Show Success

trade show
Trade shows are a big concept and can cost a lot in terms of time, money and man power. Trade shows are one of the important part of any business success. The most important thing in organizing trades shows is that your investments get pay off. Trade show participations are sometimes very costly. Make sure you know the best way get profits from your investment.

To organize any trade show a number of factors should be kept in mind, like:-
  • How well this trade show will fit your marketing needs?
  • How convenient are those show dates?
  • Are there any other events scheduled on those dates?
  • How convenient is the location of trade show?
  • What percentage of visitors fall into your target market?
  • What percentage of attendees comes from your major service areas?
  • What does show organizing company do to promote this show?
  • What is the past success rate of show?
  • Which of your competitors will also exhibit at this show?
  • Will show organiser company provide a list of previous exhibitors to contact about the show?
  • Has someone from your organization visited the show?
  • How much will your investment needs to be in this show?
  • What type of promotional assistance does show organiser offer?
  • What audience quality information will show management provide to you?
  • What return on investment can be expected from this show?
So, you need a complete planning before participating in any trade show. Do all the discussions with the show organising company before really participating in any trade show.


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