Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fashion show organizing tips

Fashion shows are one of the part of spreading new fashion and fashion trends all over. In actual fashion shows have become a necessity to exhibit any new fashion trend of clothes and accessories. People really follow the concepts shows in fashion shows. Today fashion shows are organize world wide.

Organizing a fashion show is really a one of the challenging task. It needs a complete team work of some of the very professional team members of fashion show organizers. The process includes number of things to manage like lighting, venue, decorations, background music etc. Venue should be very comfortable to mange everything over there. Like it should have a proper and spacious ramp, a good space to manage the sitting arrangement around the ramp. Hall should be spacious based on the number of invitees. The important thing is theme of the fashion show. All around environment should completely reflect the theme of the fashion show.

A good Selection of models is also very important. If the fashion show is being organized on a very big corporate level then the models should be very professional who have already participated in number of big fashion shows. Make up man should be very professional to dress up the models, Proper invitations to press and media should be sent to cover the live coverage of the fashion show.

Tickets selling is also an important part. Some special invitations can be sent to invite the big celebrities in you show. Now comes the selection of the judge for fashion show. Judge should be very famous and he/she should have knowledge about fashion and new fashion trends. If your judge is famous and well known by the people especially young generation then your fashion show will be more successful. Minimum it should have three judges, and the invitations for the same to judges should be sent at least 1 month before, so that if they any other schedules you can thing about the alternatives.

You will get a great show by making all the arrangements on time.


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